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Borrowing against home equity – Freedom Capital

Do you need to figure out how to pay for your children’s college education, or perhaps your child’s car? Is supplying money for your family as well as business needs turning into a stressful and tedious process with no way out? Do not worry, many people face such situations due to their unsteady cash flow and lack of awareness regarding loans. While the general community makes out loans to be an evil act that puts pressure on the borrower, mortgage equity loans ensure that their borrowers and clients agree with their conditions and settle on a middle ground. 

An easy way to avail money is via a mortgage equity loan, where you pledge your home as collateral. Collateral is basically an assurance of your monthly return of the loan, something that can be used in case you cannot afford the EMI (equated monthly instalment). 

What is a mortgage equity loan? 

A home equity loan is a loan for a particular amount of money which is secured by your house. In the loan, you are required to repay the loan with equal monthly payments over a set term, similar to a mortgage. However, if you cannot repay the loan as agreed with the lender, the lender can foreclose on your home. 

Home Equity Loan in Canada

While the amount you can borrow is mostly limited to eighty-five per cent of your home equity’s appraised value, the actual amount of your loan can also be negotiated and changed based on various factors. Lenders also tend to ask for a twenty per cent downpayment. Before settling on a lender you should compare terms and talk with banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, and mortgage companies. This is why it is important to seek out reliable and stable lenders with an array of available loan plans. 

One very successful and prominent lender institution happens to be Freedom Capital, a business that spans over Canada and British Columbia with an astounding success rate and a title as one of the best mortgage equity loan providers. Furthermore, this company ensures that each borrower settles on a good loan that thoroughly considers their credit history, income, and the overall market value of your home. 

A loan’s various aspects. 

Only knowing aspects like the interest rate and the required amount of the monthly payment is not the only knowledge you should have of the home equity loan as a borrower. A home equity loan takes financing charges and points into consideration, one of the criteria being the (APR), also known as the annual percentage rate which highlights the interest rate for the whole year. Closely analyze and consider fees, this includes the equity loan processing fee as well as the application, underwriting, or origination fee. While creating a mortgage equity loan, as a borrower you have many expenses, some of them being the funding fee, lender fee, appraisal fee, document recording and preparation fee as well as a mortgage broker’s fee. 

So, it is important to ensure the lender you choose is worth all of these spendings and commitments. 

Why you should choose Freedom Capital.

Freedom Capital happens to be one of the most reliable lenders with their positions in British Columbia and Canada. Their priority is to create fast and simple access to the money you, the borrower, need. With products that aid them in first and second mortgages, as well as multimillion-dollar commercial and construction loans.

mortgage equity loans in Canada

They not only provide creative financing options for their borrowers but also ensure that each borrower receives their desired mortgage equity loans. While Freedom Capital provides mortgage equity loans in Canada and British Columbia, they also provide second mortgages in Canada. But, while you pay off your second mortgage you also need to continue paying off your first mortgage which is secured against your home equity. 

Freedom Capital happens to be the second-best mortgage in British Columbia and ensures that you agree to and understand all of the terms and conditions, settling on a mortgage equity loan that the borrower can provide for. Furthermore, if you don’t understand any clauses or cases they ensure you can ask questions and get in touch with their teams to comprehend each aspect of the loan. 


While attaining a mortgage equity loan can be a tedious process, with the aid of a right lender and the attention of a genuine institute that aims to help borrowers you can settle on a loan that benefits you as a borrower. Furthermore, a company with such high stature entails that whether you’re in British Columbia or Canada, you will receive the help you need in settling on a mortgage equity loan. They also allow loan proceedings to quickly flash buy and help you avail your loan in twenty-four hours, which is faster than most lenders who would lazily carry on the process as a waste of time. 

So, while looking for other lenders and broadening your chances of receiving a good loan as a borrower is an optimal task, Freedom Capital should be on your list of potential lenders in the occasion of you looking for a first or second mortgage equity loan in Canada or British Columbia. 

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